“You Look Like You Have No Pants On” – GG’s Java Joint

Help Wanted – The Gerry’s are in the interviewing process trying to find the right staff for GG’s but will they find the help they want?

Ambre, a girl with dreams of getting into a culinary arts school, turns out to be by far the best candidate the Gerry’s have found, too bad Gerry keeps accidentally sexually harassing. Really Gerry? Really?

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Help Wanted – “You Look Like You Have No Pants On” (Episode 9 of 9 Help Wanted)

A Turtle in a Party Dress Production

Cast: Gerry (Holly Payberg), Gerry (John Connon), Ambre (Laura Holliday)

Produced by: Holly Payberg & Diego Torroija

Directed by: Holly Payberg

Director of Photography: Diego Torroija

B Camera & Sound: Max Grill

***Disclaimer: The fully improvised web series you have just seen was performed by trained professionals, attempting any of these storytelling feats without a script could result in brain strain.

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