What about Freedom of Love?

Marriage equalityI don’t typically like to get political because my circle of family and friends that I love and adore extends deep and wide, and stretches into all sides of the political, ideological and religious spectrum and therefore any time I speak up on any subject I run the risk of offending someone I truly care about and I really hate doing that, but there are times in history when one has to speak up and for me that time is now.

I know that for my devoutly religious friends marriage holds a special meaning and I respect that, I think you should remain committed to your meaning and hold it dear to your hearts, let it define your own marriages in exactly the way you want it to, it is your inalienable right.

I do not believe, however, that it is your right to legally block others from living life according to their beliefs as a means of defending its meaning for you. Defend its meaning in your heart, sure, but not the court. Telling people they should not be allowed to marry because it doesn’t adhere to your particular religious beliefs crosses the line in a free society. It is a block of basic human rights and I have to stand up for human rights. Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion, and for me, what I see as Freedom of Love, these things must be protected.

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  1. Stuart says:

    My dearest Holy Holly – I am very surprised by your persecution in light of your ardent care for children and the FACT that children brought up by two loving parents of the opposite sex fare much better in life that those brought up by two loving “parents” of the same sex.

    For me it has nothing to do with religion but with the obvious of nature. Clearly the sexes are designed to propagate and continue the race.

    And this has nothing to do with the issue of fairness for a couple who love and live together sharing the rights of other similar couples – so long as they remain united up to death. (What are the rules to be if they split however?)


  2. admin says:

    I guess for me it’s just a little more difficult to see those same things people think of as FACTS because I currently share a Duplex with people who have shown me something different. Diego and I and Sophie live upstairs and a really sweet couple with a baby live downstairs. They are two of the kindest people I have ever known, providing a beautiful life for their baby full of joy, family parties and friends, good eating, good parenting and endless amounts of love and they just happen to be a same sex couple. When you witness families like that day in and day out it’s real hard to see what is so awful about it. Little Scout is a very happy, very lucky little baby being raised by a family who loves her. Yes, she has two moms, but she also has plenty of male influence as she has grandfathers and Uncles who worship the ground she walks on and most of the influences in her life, with the exception of her mom’s, are happily married heterosexual couples which she has in abundance and they are always around.

    When the people affected by this law are your friends, people you care about, and you see it through their eyes, for e.g. through the eyes of wonderfully loving people who just want to commit, under the law, to a life together, so that they can have the same basic rights as other married couples but are not allowed to because people who don’t know them and don’t share their beliefs say that they can’t, say that there is something wrong with them, you have to start asking yourself who is persecuting who. Especially since they are not asking the church to sanction their marriage, or give up their ideas about what marriage is, they are asking their government to do that which is two very different things. If they were asking the church to officially sanction their marriage I would probably feel that they were crossing the line and imposing a viewpoint where it is not wanted but that is not what I see happening. I see a lot of people acting like that is what is happening and confusing the issue, I just don’t believe that is actually what they are asking.

    I am sensitive to the fact that this is tough topic and that my viewpoint is my own. I just have to be true to what life has shown me to be right. I stand on the side of love.

  3. Stuart says:

    Oh dear, Holly – I just noticed a horrible typo in my posting yesterday. The word that appears as “persecution” was meant to be “perception”. You are one of the kindest people I know and are incapable of persecution. My sincere apologies.