We’re All Good People – By Holly Payberg

This is my video response to Jack Johnson’s question “Where’d All The Good People Go?” The people in this video are the good people. They are all leaders in the Be The Change movement and on this particular weekend they all came together from literally all over the country to learn how they could give back even more, how they could be even better examples in their communities, how they could spread the love more effectively from the folks who started it all in the first place, Rich & Yvonne Dutra-St.John (the founders of the award winning anti-bullying program Challenge Day & the Be The Change movement.)

Jack, if you somehow see this video, then I say to you, sorry I borrowed your song but it just hit me deep, it’s like you jumped right in my soul and expressed all of my frustration so beautifully because obviously you share it too and I found myself having to make a video response. 🙂

And to those just now being exposed to Jack Johnson’s music, go buy his albums. They’ll make you feel good.

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