Turtle Launch 2014!

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Here we go! Turtle launch 2014. So excited! And so thankful to everyone who signed up.

For the next 2 months Monday nights will be Improv night at GG’s Java Joint night. (a fictitious coffee shop owned by Gerry & Gerry, 2 adult siblings, who had never met until their Dad died and left them both this coffee shop to run)

GG’s was inspired by my deep admiration for Improv. I have always been in awe of those brave comedians who will fiercely throw themselves into any situation without the benefit of a script and somehow manage to turn nothing into something in a matter of seconds. When it works, it is electrifying.

And so, armed with nothing but one suggestion from me (that they should be potential employees coming in to interview for a job at GG’s) my Second City peeps and favorite comedians showed up and threw it at us. My partner, John Connon, and I never knew what they would be coming in with, and as a result, sometimes could barely keep it together, but we fought the good fight and the result is a Season One of GG’s Java Joint that we think is hilarious.

Up first, is Sebastian (a character created on the fly by the truly hilarious, and soon-to-be famous Tony Robinette, who, as it turns out, is very passionate about kitties. Enjoy!

And make sure to turn in tomorrow for the world premiere of Feathers and Toast with the always glamorous Tallulah Grace!

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