“The Skeleton’s Are Piling Up” – GG’s Java Joint

Yay!! It’s here! Episode 1 of 10 from the series soon to be known as The Interviews on GG’s Java Joint.

In this episode brother Gerry finds out his sister is not the only skeleton in his Dad’s closet.

This episode is dedicated with love to Diego Torroija. Without his amazing design and 3D skills GG’s would literally not exist. I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful things you do for me.

GG’s Java Joint is a fully improvised show (meaning none of these actors have a clue what they are going to say before they say it, therefore it can also be said that they are clueless, but that wouldn’t be nice, so don’t say that.) Enjoy!

“The Skeleton’s Are Piling Up” (Episode 1 of 10 for The Interviews)
A Turtle in a Party Dress Production
Cast: Gerry (Holly Payberg), Gerry (John Connon), Claire De Lune (Susan diRende)
Produced by: Holly Payberg & Diego Torroija
Directed by: Holly Payberg
Director of Photography: Diego Torroija
B Camera & Sound: Max Grill

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