Social Media Mistakes: I’ve made a few!

catsandsmClick this! Like That! Subscribe here! Go to my website, my FB page, my Youtube channel. Don’t forget Twitter! Here’s my other channel, oh and my other channel, and don’t forget this channel. Good lord I have gone social media crazy and probably driven people crazy, or at least confused them, right along with me. Hind sight being 20/20 I realize now that I have made some social media mistakes I wish I hadn’t, but I am in the process of correcting them, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

Now to be fair to myself, this world of social media has rapidly become so important in my line of work that I have no choice but to jump in head first regardless of the fact that it is all so new that there is no definitive playbook to go by. In the entertainment business these days, a good social media presence can actually mean the difference in whether someone like me lands a gig or gets paid for content or not. I am not kidding. These days if you are an actor or content generator, the powers that be want to know how many clicks, likes or subscriptions you are getting. If you don’t have enough, they don’t have any interest in working with you. Likes have become the new Nielson ratings and therefore I am forced into social media pioneering, like it or not.

To be honest, I pretty much like it. Along with the pressure, there is also a freedom to create and stand by whatever you want to put out there in exactly the way you want to put it out there that hasn’t existed since the early days of Hollywood, and that is really exciting. But… naturally there are the times I don’t like it, like when I realize I have made mistakes that cost me my precious clicks simply because I didn’t slow down a little and take my time to see the full picture before I jumped in 🙂 I got so excited about all the possibilities social media makes possible that I made a new website, FB page, you tube channel and twitter account for every new project I created and I created a lot of projects. I am realizing now that this diluted my efforts and confused everyone who has been attempting to support me.

So, as I said, I am now making some important changes. It occurred to me that everything I do, all my shows and even my personal blog, can all fit nicely under my Turtle In a Party Dress umbrella. There is no need for me to send you this way and that. My production company is the reason for the production of all of it (even my personal endeavors) so that is where it will all live. I promise you now that if you LIKE my Turtle FB page, and SUBSCRIBE to my Turtle blog and SUBSCRIBE to my Turtle Youtube channel that those will be the last clicks you will ever need to make in order to be in the know on everything I’m involved in and I have some exciting stuff coming up. If you would be willing to take the time to do those 3 things it would mean the world to me, but it will also send an important message to all my potential sponsors and financiers that you like my content and want more. You will effectively become the fans of my work that make it all possible.

And as a pay it forward to all those are in the same boat as me that need to utilize social media effectively to promote your work, I say learn from my mistakes. Before you start putting stuff out there in all directions, take a moment to think about the big picture. Is there one common theme in everything you do? Are you only planning to promote one thing, or will there be many things you need to promote? If there are many then I highly recommend figuring out how they all tie in first? Find a theme for it. Name it. And then build a social media campaign around that. You may end up needing multiple FB pages and websites anyway, but make sure one site is the feeder for all of them and for heavens sake just create one you tube channel that all those pages lead to. It’s easy to divide up your projects on you tube simply be creating different play lists, but it’s not easy to get those view numbers up high if you’ve got your videos spread out amongst multiple channels.

That is all! Hope it helps. Keep on keeping on.

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