“Oh Musicians…So Unavailable” – GG’s Java Joint

The GG’s interviews continue with Rocker, Kyle, who offers an inspirational take on the job Gerry never knew he wanted and is pretty sure he doesn’t need, luckily for Gerry Kyle’s never available.

“Oh Musicians…So Unavailable” (Episode 2 of 10 for The Interviews)

A Turtle in a Party Dress Production

Cast: Gerry (Holly Payberg), Gerry (John Connon), Kyle (JJ Dunlap)

Produced by: Holly Payberg & Diego Torroija

Directed by: Holly Payberg

Director of Photography: Diego Torroija

B Camera & Sound: Max Grill

***Disclaimer: The fully improvised scene you have just seen was performed by trained professionals, attempting any of these storytelling feats without a script could result in brain strain.

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