Net Neutrality Is The Most Important Fight of Our Time

net_neutrality_0Freedom took a giant leap when the Internet came about. Suddenly, everyday people from all walks of life had the opportunity to have their uncensored voices be heard and a truly Global conversation began.

The internet has given us all the power to ban together, to share incredible amounts of information with each other, to connect with our families across long distances, to powerfully yet economically promote our small businesses, to set up our own virtual shops with little overhead, to cultivate our own micro audiences, and to share who we really are and how we really feel directly with people all over the world, with no filters, and no political middle men, thereby effectively busting down misconceptions and barriers.

For me personally, as a writer/director, it has meant creative freedom and has opened up doors that had always felt impossibly closed. I am not alone. The internet has made it possible for literally thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of storytellers like me to get their unique stories out there without having to wait for the approval of a select few gatekeepers. For us, and the fans of our work, this opportunity has been like heaven on earth.

But all of that is going to come to an end if we don’t stand up and fight for Net Neutrality. As we speak, major corporations are attempting to influence our government in ways that will help them gain more control over the Internet and if they succeed…well you know what will happen next. The control of the internet will be in the hands of a few and maybe not right away, but eventually, over time, the freedom we are experiencing today will be chipped away until only the illusion of it is left.

This is why we, at the Turtle, have decided to stand up and make it firmly known that we are definitively on the side of #TeamNetNeutrality (aka a free internet) in the best way we know how, through comedy. And we are hoping to inspire you to stand up and declare your side too by watching this important message from Tallulah Grace and doing as she says. If we can make Charlie famous for biting his brothers finger, and have half the planet doing the Harlem Shake, then we can certainly get the whole world doing the #NetNeutralityShuffle. It’s dancing for a cause, let’s make this go viral. We’ve got only 4 months left.

And while you are at it, make sure to click on this link to share your feelings with the FCC

Links to others fighting for the cause:

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