Let’s Talk About Sex (Ladies Only)

benchwarmersHello ladies! I would like to solicit your important and uncensored opinion on a very important topic: Sex. More specifically, I would like to know your honest opinion on whether or not you would be offended by a new online comedy series called Bench Warmers that features a group of middle aged moms whose very frank conversations often lead to humorous discussions about sex.

I ask because as it turns out many Programming Execs have decided on your behalf that due to the nature of this show it is not “ad friendly,” (see article here) which basically means it won’t get much financial support from them, which means it could go away before it has a chance to really get started if you don’t throw your opinion and support into the ring.

Now the irony of this situation, of course, is that if the Programming Execs were properly focused on going where the money is like a good business man should, they would realize that the best demographic that they could ever hope to target with their ads are middle aged moms since these lovely ladies account for 85% of all household purchases to the tune of $2 Trillion dollars spent annually, and yet here’s a show that was written by middle aged women for middle aged women, and they are not even going to try to get behind it because they say it’s not ad friendly? Why? Because they talk about sex? Really? Hello Two and 1/2 Men.

As far as I can tell from the Execs I have met, the real truth is that they don’t seem to think any of you viewers care to see anything at all coming from middle aged women and I think they are dead wrong about this. Any woman worth her salt knows that older women are like fine wine; we get bolder, funnier and more confident in our own skin the older we get and, yes, we tend to get a little more humorously crass as well. I think we women would love to see a reflection of our complex and beautiful selves in an uncensored state on both the big and little screen (hello Sex and The City.) The execs use the excuse that we don’t show up to watch as much as our male or teenage counterparts, but I say we would if you gave us something we wanted to watch.

So let’s make some noise. Let’s start a dialogue. What programming would you like to see? Would you be offended by women talking about sex? And more importantly would you then avoid any brands that advertised on a show that talked about sex? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Bench Warmers is produced by Glass Elevator Media and premieres tomorrow so make sure to click here and subscribe so you can see what the whole hub bub is about for yourself and we can discuss further.

(**I am not affiliated with this show in any way, just interested in supporting my fellow female storytellers as they account for less than 10% of all writer/directors in Hollywood and that really needs to change)

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