“How To Strike Gold On The Wild Wild West” Debut

_DSC6387Holly Payberg and Mhairi Morrison have had a goal group of 2 for about a year now and in that short time they have helped each other immensely to define exactly what they want from their careers and how to go about getting it and inside of all the writing, producing, performing, studying, networking, experimenting, promoting and growing their goals have required of them, there is one thing they feel they now know for certain: that there has never been a better time for new voices to be heard or new performers to be seen than right now.

Thanks to the perfect storm of inexpensive high quality production equipment, multiple open access online video streaming platforms, and free social media networking tools that can do what would have once taken an entire publicity team to do, there is just no excuse for an artist not to get their work out there for all to see.

Does it take some serious moxy to stop asking for permission and green light yourself? Will there be endless things you need to learn? Will you need to team up with others to pool your resources? Will you be tweeting and facebooking, liking and subscribing until your head explodes? Will you think its just too hard and want to quit from time to time. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. But when you are living through a time in history where all the rules of the game have changed, new possibilities are abound and the internet is often referred to by industry execs as the Wild West, can you afford not to jump into the ring? Mhairi and Holly think not.

So for all you brave souls, like them, willing to leave behind the dream that some Hollywood Power Player is going to swoop in and save you, and instead are ready to dive head first into the Wild West of new media in search of career gold, they have created this site for you as a way to give back and support you, their fellow “Content Creators” (as the new label goes)

Mhairi and Holly are continuing on their journey to do whatever it takes to “Strike Gold on the Wild Wild Web” but now they will let you in on the fun by sharing everything they learn along the way so you can learn too.

Up first, The Digital Hollywood Conference in Marina Del Rey where they will be blogging, live tweeting and face booking daily so make sure to subscribe to their blog, like their Facebook page and/or follow them on Twitter (whatever your preference). Best of luck on the journey.

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