Hating People Is For Sissies

Mork“Hating everybody is for sissies. You wanna try something that takes some real balls, try loving everybody. That, my friend, is not for wimps. Trust me. I continuously try.” A quote created by me but dedicated to you, Robin Williams, because for some reason I think you would know what I am talking about. To me and my world, you were nothing less than a superhero, I don’t know how you did what you did, I just know I loved every single little bit of it. If I wasn’t already so emotionally pre-occupied with the important business of helping my own family heal, I would probably be devastated right now that you’re gone (I’m guessing it will be a delayed effect, the ole sneak attack type of grief) but either way I just have to say that you were, are and always will be a treasure. Somebody the world was so lucky to have.

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