GG’s Java Joint Premiere’s Tomorrow Jan. 15th

intro 2 (0-00-01-06)We are so excited to announce that our newest show, GG’s Java Joint, premieres tomorrow.

Legend has it that GG’s is owned by a reluctant brother/sister duo (Gerry & Gerry) who met for the first time when their father passed away and left the Java Joint to them both in his will and they are now stuck navigating this new business together.

But don’t take our word for it, take it from Gerry herself. She started her own blog so that she could share with you all the comings, goings and doings happening at that wacky Coffee Shop/Bar known as GG’s Java Joint so make sure to subscribe Up first employee interviews!

(Special thanks to John Connon, Susan diRende, JJ Dunlap, Ben Marcus, Laura Holliday, Tami Hillberry Presley, Tony Robinette, James Mason, Eric Wielochowski, Sophie Torroija, Matty Norwood, Amie Dellavalle, & Mhairi Steenbock for being the first to lend their Improv brilliance to this completely Improv’d show)

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