Feathers and Toast Sprouts Wings!

Hot under the FeathersWe are over the moon to report that Feathers and Toast is currently being given some serious consideration by several big production companies and a network. Yay!!! And you can help us seal the deal by Subscribing to our site. (the more of a following we have the more they will see that this is a show that will be in demand)

As a thank you for subscribing we will send you fun little bits of bite sized entertainment from the one and only Tallulah Grace to brighten up your week and make you giggle (just like the little teaser below.) and if you are one of the first 500 to subscribe you will receive a collectors item keepsake.

We so appreciate your support. We have enjoyed every moment of producing this show from start to finish and we look forward to working on it for many years to come.

“If Monty Python had a love child, she would be Tallulah Grace”

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