“Dillon and Her Sassy Gay Friend Get The Boot!” – GG’s Java Joint

Help Wanted – The Gerry’s are in the interviewing process trying to find the right staff for GG’s but will they find the help they want? In this episode, Dillon and her sassy gay friend, Ashley, show up looking to fill some community service hours but end up getting the boot from the Gerry’s instead.

Help Wanted – “Dillon and Her Sassy Gay Friend Get The Boot!” (Episode 8 of 9 Help Wanted)
A Turtle in a Party Dress Production
Cast: Gerry (Holly Payberg), Gerry (John Connon), Dillon (Amie Dellavalle), Ashley (Matty Norwood)
Produced by: Holly Payberg & Diego Torroija
Directed by: Holly Payberg
Director of Photography: Diego Torroija
B Camera & Sound: Max Grill
***Disclaimer: The fully improvised web series you have just seen was performed by trained professionals, attempting any of these storytelling feats without a script could result in brain strain.

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