The Sex Trade Ep 4 “Are You Getting My Period?”

The Sex Trade Ep 4 “Are You Getting My Period?” (body swap comedy web series)

As his new female responsibilities begin to pile up, Seth starts to crack under the pressure but Karen isn’t fairing much better over at the office. Is Seth just hormonal due to experiencing Karen’s period for the first time? Will Karen be able to save Seth’s business from going under? Tune in to Episode 4 of The Sex Trade to find out.

The Sex Trade is a hilarious comedy web series about a husband and wife whose souls get swapped and are forced to live life as each other.

Starring Holly Payberg and Tim Rerucha
Created and Written by Holly Payberg and John Connon
Directed by Lauren O’Quinn
Produced by Holly Payberg, John Connon, Lauren O’Quinn, Chris Burns & Paul Petrus
Director of Photography Randy Baker

Cast (Episode 4)
Tim Rerucha as Seth
Holly Payberg as Karen
John Connon as Jake
Tony DeMil as Ricky
Christy Wurzbach as Jess
Jim Miranda as Jimmy
Krystina Fisher as Monique
Paul Petrus as Yoga Dude #4
Annie Kidwell as yoga student
Stephanie Kennedy as yoga student
Jenna Lomazzo as yoga student
Kristen Wharton as yoga student
Surely Alvelo as yoga student

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