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Thank you for an Incredible Year!!!

It’s been a year since I first got the inspiration to launch Turtle in a Party Dress and effectively green light myself, and I have to confess that I have been so focused on all that hasn’t been accomplished yet, so busy thinking about what’s next and how on earth […]

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“There’s No Crying In Interviews” – GG’s Java Joint

intro 2 (0-00-01-06)

The Gerry’s don’t know whether to hire “Tami” or buy her a sympathy card in this episode of GG’s Java Joint. “There’s No Crying in Interviews” (Episode 3 of 10 for The Interviews)
 A Turtle in a Party Dress Production
 Cast: Gerry (Holly Payberg), Gerry (John Connon), Tami (Tami Hillberry […]

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GG’s Java Joint Premiere’s Tomorrow Jan. 15th

We are so excited to announce that our newest show, GG’s Java Joint, premieres tomorrow. Legend has it that GG’s is owned by a reluctant brother/sister duo (Gerry & Gerry) who met for the first time when their father passed away and left the Java Joint to them both in […]

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Forever Glue from Eric Wielochowski

Today’s funny comes from another talented Second City friend of mine, Eric Wielochowski, who wrote and directed this spoof-o-mercial for Forever Glue, the only super glue on the market to never EVER break it’s mold. If you look close you will see a cameo with me and my daughter Sophie. […]

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Preview of the Talent at GG’s

Today’s funny comes from my brilliantly funny Second City group unofficially named the Pregnant Unicorns. This was the show we did this past Sunday and I share it not only because it will offer you a good laugh but because you can expect to find all these funny people populating […]

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First Official Shoot For GG’s Java Joint

We are happy to report that the very first shoot of what is now lovingly referred to as GG’s Java Joint, a place where anything that can happens does, was a resounding success in all ways. We weren’t sure how it would go as this show is an Improv show […]

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