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“The Skeleton’s Are Piling Up” – GG’s Java Joint

Yay!! It’s here! Episode 1 of 10 from the series soon to be known as The Interviews on GG’s Java Joint. In this episode brother Gerry finds out his sister is not the only skeleton in his Dad’s closet. This episode is dedicated with love to Diego Torroija. Without his […]

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Why Live The Cowboy Life?

From now on, Mondays will happily be known as Roadside Mondays over here at the Turtle. Today marks the official launch of our newest show Roadside Cowboys, which follows the lives of three Modern Day Cowboys who have given up the good life in pursuit of the great and each […]

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First Official Shoot For GG’s Java Joint

We are happy to report that the very first shoot of what is now lovingly referred to as GG’s Java Joint, a place where anything that can happens does, was a resounding success in all ways. We weren’t sure how it would go as this show is an Improv show […]

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