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The Surf Shack is in Production!

Dave & Dusty

We are off to Malibu for day 2 of filming the pilot for our original series The Surf Shack. Oh the hardship! On day 1 we met Dave & Dusty (as seen in the pic) and yes, we put them to work. Can only imagine what today will bring. First […]

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The Turtle in is Pre-Production on It’s Newest Web Series

It’s official. The Turtle, in collaboration with its parent company, Two Door Productions is in pre-production on it’s newest Web Series The Surf Shack. The series was created by Deborah Hildebrand. Holly Payberg will step in as Producer/Director and Diego Torroija as DP. The concept for the show is still […]

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The Guild created by Felicia Day

This Friday funny offering is dedicated to my brother who is one of the many who plays the apparently quite addicting game World of Warcraft. This is the first of many episodes of a web show called The Guild created by one of my personal heroes Felicia Day that follows […]

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Little Women Big Cars

Just saw this entire series this weekend at the Broad Humor Film Festival and laughed my butt off all the way through. This is my favorite episode because it so beautifully and hilariously captures the special sort of crazy we women thrust upon our unsuspecting husbands. Bless them. They don’t […]

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“Written By a Kid” created by Josh Flaum & Will Bowles

For my daily offering today I wanted to share the Season Finale of the very first season of Written by A Kid, a show literally written by kids but animated by adults. It was created by Josh Flaum & Will Bowles, 2 guys I had the pleasure of laughing with […]

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Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow & Jane Lynch

The Turtle Blog will be all about sharing the best short form comedy I can find on the web, thereby paying it forward and sharing the love with all my fellow short form artists. For my first post, I thought why not share one of my favorite episodes of Web […]

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