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That’s a Wrap on “Feathers and Toast”

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We are excited to announce that we have just wrapped on the first season of another amazing original web series “Feathers and Toast” For now, the show is tightly under wraps (because we have some heat from the big dogs and they have requested it) so we can’t tell you […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex (Ladies Only)

Hello ladies! I would like to solicit your important and uncensored opinion on a very important topic: Sex. More specifically, I would like to know your honest opinion on whether or not you would be offended by a new online comedy series called Bench Warmers that features a group of […]

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What about Freedom of Love?

I don’t typically like to get political because my circle of family and friends that I love and adore extends deep and wide, and stretches into all sides of the political, ideological and religious spectrum and therefore any time I speak up on any subject I run the risk of […]

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Social Media Mistakes: I’ve made a few!

Click this! Like That! Subscribe here! Go to my website, my FB page, my Youtube channel. Don’t forget Twitter! Here’s my other channel, oh and my other channel, and don’t forget this channel. Good lord I have gone social media crazy and probably driven people crazy, or at least confused […]

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The Pregnant Unicorns Debut Their First Show

This is us, The Pregnant Unicorns, radiating joy seconds after leaving the stage from the first official performance of our new show Apocalypse Now Or Later. For four months we have been working together under the direction of our amazing director, Ithamar Enriquez (who has taught us everything we could […]

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A New Holly

Almost 2 years ago I started a personal blog on my Holly Payberg site declaring my very large dreams for all the world to see and then set about chronicling the journey towards those dreams. I truly believe that the very act of doing that, and holding myself accountable to […]

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