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Holiday Tidbit #2 “How to Fight the Peely Wally”

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Feathers and Toast premieres first Microseries


We are so pleased to announce that our show, Feathers and Toast, has premiered its very first Micro Series entitled “Tallulah’s Top 10 Tidbits For Getting Through the Holidays” As wonderful as they are, the holidays can also be a stressful time, so we wanted to create a fun little […]

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Feathers and Toast Sprouts Wings!

We are over the moon to report that Feathers and Toast is currently being given some serious consideration by several big production companies and a network. Yay!!! And you can help us seal the deal by Subscribing to our site. (the more of a following we have the more they […]

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First Sneak Peek at Feathers and Toast

Tallulah Grace

We are so proud to share this first ever sneak peek at our newest show Feathers and Toast and its star Tallulah Grace (aka Mhairi Morrison)! We will have much news to report in the coming weeks as there has been strong interest from some major production companies and even […]

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That’s a Wrap on “Feathers and Toast”

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We are excited to announce that we have just wrapped on the first season of another amazing original web series “Feathers and Toast” For now, the show is tightly under wraps (because we have some heat from the big dogs and they have requested it) so we can’t tell you […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex (Ladies Only)

Hello ladies! I would like to solicit your important and uncensored opinion on a very important topic: Sex. More specifically, I would like to know your honest opinion on whether or not you would be offended by a new online comedy series called Bench Warmers that features a group of […]

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Digital Hollywood Kicks Off Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Spring session of the Digital Hollywood Conference and Mhairi and I are pumped and ready. We’ve got our agenda set, our list of people we want to meet, our video camera charged and ready to capture all the wisdom we want to pass along […]

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“How To Strike Gold On The Wild Wild West” Debut

Holly Payberg and Mhairi Morrison have had a goal group of 2 for about a year now and in that short time they have helped each other immensely to define exactly what they want from their careers and how to go about getting it and inside of all the writing, […]

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The Crosswalk by Eric Wielochowski

Eric Wielochowski and my Second City peeps have done it again with this hilarious sketch about the feelings one might experience at a Crosswalk. Watch and enjoy! P.S. If you look closely you can sneak a peak of me & my daughter Sophie. The Crosswalk – watch more funny videos

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The Sex Trade Ep 6 “Ricky is Going Down”

The Sex Trade Ep 6

Lovelorn neighbor, Ricky, thinks he’s going to be rich when he lucks upon evidence of The Morgans big secret and embarks on his plan to sell the information, but the only place he is going is down when the couple teams up to stop him. The Sex Trade is a […]

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