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The Sex Trade Ep 4 “Are You Getting My Period?”

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 1.39.34 PM

The Sex Trade Ep 4 “Are You Getting My Period?” (body swap comedy web series) As his new female responsibilities begin to pile up, Seth starts to crack under the pressure but Karen isn’t fairing much better over at the office. Is Seth just hormonal due to experiencing Karen’s period […]

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What about Freedom of Love?

I don’t typically like to get political because my circle of family and friends that I love and adore extends deep and wide, and stretches into all sides of the political, ideological and religious spectrum and therefore any time I speak up on any subject I run the risk of […]

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“Just a Little Friendly Competition Between Husband and Wife” Ep 3 The Sex Trade

Episode 3 TST

Convinced that he can handle Karen’s life better than she is clearly handling his, Seth challenges Karen to a little friendly husband wife competition. It’s the ultimate battle of man vs woman. Who do you think will win? The Sex Trade is a hilarious comedy web series about a husband […]

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The Sex Trade is Getting Great Reviews!

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We are just hours away from Premiering the 3rd Episode of this first Season of The Sex Trade and wanted to share the good news that we have just passed the 20,000 views mark and even have a fan out there who gave us a great review! We can’t thank […]

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“The Maid of Honor Better Care About Those Wedding Dresses” Ep 2 The Sex Trade

Ep 2 The Sex Trade

Karen is committed to being the best Maid of Honor her best friend Becca could ever hope for. She told her she would be there to shop for wedding dresses, and damnit, she is going to be there to shop for those wedding dresses even if she has to use […]

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“Beware of the Funny Doctor” Ep 1 The Sex Trade

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 1.16.44 PM

Husband and wife, Karen and Seth, seek the advice of a fertility specialist but it turns out his specialty is in something else entirely when the two wake up to discover they have been the victims of a body swap. The Sex Trade is a hilarious comedy web series about […]

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Social Media Mistakes: I’ve made a few!

Click this! Like That! Subscribe here! Go to my website, my FB page, my Youtube channel. Don’t forget Twitter! Here’s my other channel, oh and my other channel, and don’t forget this channel. Good lord I have gone social media crazy and probably driven people crazy, or at least confused […]

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The Pregnant Unicorns Debut Their First Show

This is us, The Pregnant Unicorns, radiating joy seconds after leaving the stage from the first official performance of our new show Apocalypse Now Or Later. For four months we have been working together under the direction of our amazing director, Ithamar Enriquez (who has taught us everything we could […]

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